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Grid Code

The Grid Code is a regulatory instrument used to coordinate various electricity supply activities of the electricity producer, operator, distributor and the consumer.

The Grid Code for Peninsular Malaysia was first issued by the Energy Commission based on the approval made by the Commission on 8 June 2010 and by the Minister on 21 December 2010. Pursuant to Section 42 of the Electricity Supply (Amendment) Act 2015 [Act A1501], the Code shall continue in full force and effect from the date of registration.

About Us

The Grid System Operator (GSO) is primarily responsible for the day-to-day real-time operation and the management of the Peninsular grid system, together with the short and medium term planning of the transmission network and generation facilities. This includes the interconnections with Thailand and Singapore. Our main focus is to operate the grid system in a “Safe, Reliable and Economical” manner.



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As a ring-fenced entity, GSO is required by the industry to demonstrate transparency, independence and non-discriminatory conduct in its operations. One of the platforms to achieve this is with the establishment of the GSO Website in order to publish relevant operation information publicly.
The Website is public. The industry players are given special privilege to apply for an account with this platform in order to access operation data specific to their business portfolio, provided that they conform to the account application process.
We publish data for the Peninsular Malaysia grid system consisting of power station information, system generation and demand profiles, fuel mix and tie-line data, and system constraints. The website also publish relevant documents that are required under the GSO Ring-Fencing Rules and Regulations.
All operations data are updated in a timely manner. Any additional publication will be updated accordingly.