Business Area

Utilisation of a comprehensive real time optimization tool for an accurate and efficient security constrained dispatch taking into account of NEDA, transmission, fuel constraints, losses and ancillary services

Strict enforcement on generators compliance to Malaysian Grid Code (MGC), TNB’s License Condition & Transmission System Reliability Standards

Optimisation of future generator outages by system requirements and cost efficiency by utilizing optimization tools and coordinate both transmission and generation outage plan to reduce constraint cost.

Utilisation of the real time power flow platform to optimise generation within the allowable security constraints (SCED).

Formulate the short and medium term operational strategic plans to meet the strategic and operational objectives

Ensure an effective management of transmission network outages and commissioning, especially in handling and coordinating critical emergency outages.

Ensure compliance to regulatory requirements, GSO policies and procedures in order to uphold accountability and transparency in the operations of the grid system.

Devise contingency and defense plans to effectively manage the system during crisis and emergency state.

Manage and formulate an effective transmission network maintenance and project outages for least cost operation.

Utilization of Optimization and Defence Scheme to improve grid operation, which relates to efficient dispatch and lower constraint cost.

Enhancement of grid security by deploying advanced mitigationmeasures and the utilization of advanced analytics tools and technologies.

Enhancement of situational awareness initiatives by integrating wide area system monitoring and protection technologies, Smart Grid technologies and State of the art EMS system for real time operation.

Drive Smart Grid technologies for grid operation (FACTS, Battery Storage & Demand Side Management) and manage the impact and risk of disruptive technologies and renewable energy generation to grid operation.

Strengthening the implementation process & coordination of future grid development & rehabilitation projects through comprehensive assessment of planned network for future grid operation.

Manage grid security and technical issues related to regulatory and commercial requirements (MGC, TSRS, PPA/SLAs etc)

Strategising on the Design, Development, Operation & Maintenance befitting for purpose in Systems, Solutions, Processes & Technologies required by GSO to operate the Grid in the best possible ways in line with international best practices.

Operating and Managing State of the Art Control Centre Facilities for GSO.

Manage, Administer, Secure & Defend Critical Operational and Information Technology Assets and Infrastructure from all possible dimension of threats whether physical or cyber realm.

Equipping GSO with enterprise class Business Management Systems capabilities for interfacing between the Operational Technology & Information Technology

Develop, initiate, maintain, and revise policies and procedures for compliance to the GSO ring-fencing guidelines and to formulate GSO Strategic Plans to support Regulatory policies.

Develop and periodically reviews and updates GSO Code of Conduct to ensure continuing currency and relevance in providing guidance to management and employees.

Conduct and manage all technical, compliance and quality audits efficiently and ensures that all corrective action plans are implemented and closed out effectively and in a timely manner.

Manage all business support service functions relating to Human Resource, Admin, Finance and Procurement activities to ensure good implementation and proper management all the time.