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The Grid System Operator (GSO) is primarily responsible for the day-to-day real time operation and the management of the Peninsular grid system together with the short and medium term planning.
Grid Code
The Grid Code is a regulatory instrument used to coordinate various electricity supply activities of the electricity producer, operator, distributor and the consumer.
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System Demand Profile for Peninsular Malaysia
Existing Constraints
TypeConstrained CctVoltageMax Overload(%)Generation LimitGeneration ClusterOther
Contingency275kV ATWR-PRMS-SGRI-BGJH-TPAH-BTRK (2x683 MVA)275150Limit based on max secured Perak-Central Area transferNorthernLimit to the max secured Perak-Central Area transfer to cater for thermal overload and system stability under n-2 contingency of 500kV BTRK-JMJG & BTRK-ATWR
Contingency275kV BDNG-KSTR2750PLPS Min = 200NorthernMin 1 PLPS GT on-bus required for voltage support under n-2 contingency of 275kV BDNG-KSTR lines
Basecase275kV and 132kV cables into Penang Island132100GLGR Min = 70GLGRMin 1 GLGR GT on-bus required for thermal loading control and voltage support in Penang Island
Constraints Due to Outage (for the next 7 days)
DurationTypeConstrained CctVoltageMax Overload(%)Generation LimitGeneration ClusterOther
System Status Alert
Normal Operation
Current System Demand
Wednesday, 12 Aug 2020
13377 MW at 04:40
Highest Demand Recorded
Tuesday, 10 Mar 2020
18808 MW
Highest Energy Recorded
Tuesday, 10 Mar 2020
394238 MWh
Regional Generation Availability
Wednesday, 12 Aug 2020